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Black: strong color, meaning of remembrance. Jelly Bean Prayer / brother toner. Easter Coloring History. Here are explanations of some of the many types of
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For those of you who teach at private Christian schools or at your church, here's a beautiful Easter craft that, not only provides your kiddos with
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With Easter nearing, I wanted to share a few fun ideas with you! Bunnies, chicks, eggs. oh my! All of those things are fun, but I really want my kiddos to
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Spending time with a child creating a fun craft is a wonderful way to teach them about God's amazing love. As they learn about the beautiful story of Jesus' love.
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Jelly Bean Prayer, Brother Toner, Easter stories of Jesus Chirst's Death and Risen from the grave. Easter games, crafts and activities.
Christianbook.com: The Jelly Bean Prayer, Easter Coloring Book.
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Christianbook.com: The Jelly Bean Prayer, Ages 4-7 Activity Book.
Provides historical information and explains what common Easter symbols mean.
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Want to start a fun family tradition for Easter? Plant some "magic" jelly beans the night before and jump below to see what you get Easter morning.
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Christian Bible-based activities and Easter crafts for kids including Easter coloring pages, Easter recipes, Easter poems, background about Easter and the first.
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The Jelly Bean Prayer Easter coloring book teaches the true meaning of Easter while helping young children learn their colors. The illustrations in this coloring book.